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At Pathway Church - Cambrian, we deeply appreciate those who God moves to give to our mission. If you are feeling called upon to contribute, please consider using our electronic giving methods listed below. Also note the Important Information section for more details. You will be mailed your official receipt annually. 

In person

We accept cash and cheques,

If you would like, fill out the envelope in front of your seat with your info!

  1. At the moment Planning Center does not support individuals paying for online donation fees in Canada. This means that the church will be responsible for all donations fees.

  2. At the moment Planning Center does not support online giving from a debit card or direct from a bank account in Canada. You can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express (this card has a much higher fee than the other two). Also note that if you have a foreign credit card there is also a higher fee.

  3. Online donations can only be made for the General Fund (possibly for designated funds in the future). We cannot accept online payments for events, Good Food Box, or any other non-receitable payments.

  4. Please ensure you have selected the correct church (you should see our church’s logo and name) BEFORE finalizing a payment. If you send money to the wrong church send us an email at so we can help sort the problem.

  5. Please ensure you use the full name on your credit card when you create your account. If you have an account already created in Planning Center with a different name please email so we can make the appropriate changes. The transaction will be declined if you use a different name from what is on your credit card.

  6. When you make a donation online you will receive a confirmation email from Stripe/Planning Center. This is NOT a tax receipt. Tax receipts will continue to be distributed at the beginning of the following year by our finance team.

  7. If your card is declined, you will be notified immediately, and the donation will not be processed. If this happens on a recurring donation, you will be notified by Stripe to resolve the issue with your bank/credit card company. Stripe will not attempt to charge the card again until the next month, so you will need to give a one-time donation to cover the missed recurring donation.

  8. If your card expires or is about to expire you can log in to your account and update the card information. Stripe has a feature that can automatically detect when a card has been replaced but your bank/credit card company may not be compatible so you should log in to update the card information before it expires.

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