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Volunteers Packing Food

Community Free Food Pantry

In collaboration with the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary, and our Cambrian neighbors, Pathway Church offers a free food pantry that is available to all who are in need. Everyone in the community, regardless of faith, gender or race is welcome to come as often as they need.

What do I need to get access to the food pantry? 

All we ask is that you reach out to us before you come to make an appointment via email or phone call (see below) . 

We do not ask for IDs, proof of income or payment.

What days can I come? 

The food pantry is open two weeks each month, always on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Please be sure to email or call to schedule an intake phone call before you come! We will give you an an appointment to come during our call!

Where does the food come from?

This is a Food Rescue Program that rescues and distributes food such as canned goods, boxed foods, fresh produce and bread collected from the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, Farmer's Market and local merchants that may have otherwise been thrown away. This collected food arrives at the Community Kitchen Program warehouse for distribution, where Pathway Church picks it up for stock in our Food Pantry.

Pathway also holds food drives where neighbors and church members donate goods or resources to stock the pantry!


Why does this program exist? 

This program operates to help Calgary's families receive food they otherwise may not have been able to obtain on their own. 

The food pantry has a variety of other goods, such as toiletries, that are available upon request.

How can I get involved in it?

We invite our community to come together as we seek to ensure that everyone in our neighborhood has access to food without worrying about tomorrow. We are always accepting donations for our Free Food Pantry!

If you or someone you know could make use of our pantry, do not hesitate to contact us at 403-456-6860 or email us at:

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