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The Spinz-A-Round program is managed by the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary while supported by the United Way and Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. This program supports many communities and local churches who support individuals and families in need of food.

What is Spinz-A-Round?

It is a Food Rescue Program that rescues and distributes food such as canned goods, boxed foods, fresh produce and bread collected from the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, Farmer's Market and local merchants that may have otherwise been thrown away. This collected food arrives at the Community Kitchen Program warehouse for distribution, Multiple agencies, organizations and churches utilize the Spinz-A-Round Program for families around the city


Why does this program exist? 

This program operates to help Calgary's families receive food they otherwise may not have been able to obtain on their own. Registered agencies such as churches or community associations pick food up weekly and deliver to their depot.

How does our program run?

Only those Agencies and Churches registered can pick up food items once per week. Each group is allowed two representatives.

At this time, Harold and Reina Chavarria are our representatives.

How can I get involved?

The Pathway Spinz Pantry is a registered agency benefiting from the Community Kitchen and their Spinz-A-Round Program.

The Pathway Spinz Pantry is a significant contributor to our benevolence ministry. If you know someone experiencing a shortage of work or a challenging season of their life and would benefit from a hand-up you are invited to provide them a hamper.

What do we ask of you?

If you provide a hamper to a family or someone in need:

  • Record the number of recipients in the family on the sign out sheet in the church's pantry

  • Make sure they know this is the Lord's provision

  • Invite them to church!

For more information and program details please contact:

The church office: 403-456-6860

Harold and Reina Chavarria: 403-399-7955