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Sunday 10:30 am

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We believe at Pathway - Cambrian, that in order to enjoy Life with God, we must connect with Him and His Word. Because of Jesus, we have the amazing privilege of having His constant presence in our life through the Holy Spirit. We can intentionally connect with Him by spending daily time with God and His Word and coming together for a weekly worship service.


Jesus did not intend for us to live out this faith alone. We were created for relationship with God and with one another. We can enjoy Life with God by growing together in community, and growing in Christ likeness


Serving is an overflow of enjoying Life with God. We all have unique gifts that are given to us from God for His glory. By serving in our giftedness, we are extending God's grace and mercy to those around us, whether in our church family or in our community. We believe in serving by giving our time, resources, and energy.

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